A selection of Amazon reviews

This was a gem of a find - a word of mouth recommendation that I’m so pleased to have had.
I loved the contrasts between the lives of the two female protagonists, separated by decades and continents, yet with so much in common. It was one of those books that kept me up late, several nights on the trot, in order to finish it. It evokes India past and present beautifully, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to read a page-turner with depth.

A lovely novel which was hard to put down. The author manages to evoke the fragrance of flowers in India, its nature, its dusty roads, its stifling colonial society and presents the intriguing story of Helen who has a rival in her sister for the love of Arthur. The fact that this story is based on a true story makes it even more appealing. The author draws the reader in the world of the novel with precise descriptions, round characters and the two interwoven stories of ontemporary Julia and her great aunt Helen. I warmly recommend this novel and am looking forward to the next.

Such a great inspiring story!
I thoroughly enjoyed each page and was hooked from the start. The rich description of the main characters’ emotional turmoils and inner thoughts resounded with me. In the modern world we often have little time to slow down and fully process our emotions. This book allowed me that luxury. It helped remind me what is truly important in life: Your Happiness Depends on You!

I love stories like this - family sagas - old resentments - secrets surfacing - it’s all there and set in my favourite place of all - India. A great debut. Thanks Ms Howe for writing it.

I absolutely loved this book!
Its so easy to get stuck into and almost impossible to put down. Everything is so beautifully described that you can almost imagine yourself standing alongside the characters as events take place. The author weaves the past and the present to create a contrast of two women, separated by the decades but connected, not just by blood, but by their loss, love and of course India!
Perfect summer reading... or even winter reading!

Full of plot and pace, character and place. A very enjoyable read.

I can heartily recommend The Jacaranda Letters having got it and read it on my Kindle. I couldn’t put it down. It is full of fascinating characters, good pace, lovely settings in India and England, historic and modern day. The book is blessed with an engaging writing style which is both elegant and excellent. A true page turner.